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Hi Everyone!

Want to be Espirational  to those who make decisions for all of us?

Join YouGov.

Genie and I have been opinion  panel members with this company for over 10 years now and we feel it is a good way of getting our opinion where it counts, into the hands of the people who make the decisions like politicians, business leaders and even researchers and educators worldwide.

It only takes a few minutes to take a YouGov survey and they are well written and easily completed.

For every set of questions YouGov sends you, which usually takesan   average of 15  minutes, YouGov gives you 500 points. There are other ways to get points throughout a year also. Accumulate the points and you can convert them to cash or buy gift cards. Genie and I have through the years received a few hundreds of dollars from YouGov for doing this panel’s survey exercise.

But the payments are just part of the picture. The payments are actually simply tokens of appreciation from YouGov and their sponsors for us taking the time  to give them our opinions. The real payback to us is being able to be involved in a group who has the ability to get our outlook on life in front of people of influence which we would normally not have.

You can do this too.

Simply go to the YouGov Website now and join  the opinion panel and they will start sending you invitations to do surveys and to start influencing our world. Here’s your chance to be silently inspirational while completing interesting and oft times fun surveys, and getting rewarded for it while doing it.

Click on the YouGov logo now to begin.



Just out from the YouGov press release center:

The Campaign

“Feb 8, 2019 12:56:21 PM by Member 2027870
Breaking News!! The DNC has announced the slogan for their 2020 presidential campaign…”No To Cow Farting…Yes To Bull Sh@t…Vote Democrat”!!”

Join YouGov.

      –It’s Espirational!


–Bob R.

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