Holy Bible

Find the references to books, magazine articles, voice recordings and other items referred in blog articles and Espiratinal Happenings by clicking on the reference link in the article. It will bring you here where you can find the reference name and a link to either the online reference for you to see for yourself. or, if you prefer, you can link directly to the referenced source at Amazon.com (if available) to purchase your own copy. Many references will be added as articles are added. Come back often to see what’s been added. Or click banner at bottom of this page to do a search of the Amazon.com huge product line.


This is the study bible most used by Bob Robbins through the years of study he has had. Packed with references, facts, charts and other study aides it is a go-to resource for any Bible student.

The King James Version is the classic version of the Bible which was created in old England and can be experienced at Bible Gateway online, or it’s available for you to own at Amazon.com by clicking on the image here:


Equal in value, and possibly more valuable to the modern reader, is the Thompson’s Holy Bible in the New International Version. Very popular amongst Bible scholars. Mr. Robbins started using this more frequently when he started speaking more to younger audiences. It too is available to experience free at Bible Gateway, or available through Amazon.com:


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