See Ch. 16 – The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath

A loud voice issued from the body of believers in the temple, and said, “Go, pour out the seven bowls of God’s wrath on the earth” (REV 16:1).  This drew John’s attention away from the material which had been inserted after the sounding of the seventh trumpet.  Instantly after the sounding of the seventh trumpet the seven angels heard the command and prepared to deliver the wrath of God to the unbelievers.

An angel, being a spirit, does not go forth in a space-vessel to destroy with atomic weapons or laser beams as is shown in science fiction movies and written in fantasy books.  Instead, as has been true throughout history, the judgements of God are actually nothing more than the occurrence of natural laws taking their natural destructive course of events when those laws are broken.

For instance, at no time did God kill Adam and Eve for having partaken of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  He did, however, warn them of the tree and told them that if they ate of it, on that day they would surely die (GEN2:15-17).  However as little children often misinterpret the father’s or mother’s intentions, even so has mankind looked on the results of their actions as God’s judgements. In reality, they are but the results of disobedience to the Universal laws on which God established his creation.

One of the basic laws of health which God gave Moses was that people should not “put tattoo marks on yourselves”  (LEV 19;28).  The reason for this, most apparently, was due to possible infection; but probably also due to the type of images which are often placed on people’s bodies using such methods.  But in the time of judgement, the ones who have taken the tattoo which will enable them to be a part of the beast’s economic system will find that there was a much more important reason for this policy of health than simply one of esthetics or infection.  Shortly after everyone has made the choice as to whom they will serve, God or this new economic system, this mark which will likely be promised to be invisible will begin to corrupt and become sore with a cancer-like disease.  It will, put simply, cause a type of incurable skin cancer or something quite similar to it.

Now it is a well-known fact that the richer a nation’s population is, the more cancer and other so-called degenerative diseases there seem to be in that nation.  Part of this surely is due to the fact that the more common killers such as pestilences, famine, etc. are more easily controlled and thus the degenerative diseases are, being harder to control, more able to be noticed.  But people like Dr. Jay Milton Hoffman, Ph.D., in his book titled The Missing Link in the Medical Curriculum is determined that the cause of the increase of these diseases are not only due to them simply being more noticeable, but also to the lifestyle of rich nations in general.

In his book, Hoffman states that:

When the United Nations World Health Organization made a health survey of all the nations in the world, the United States of American was almost 40th on the list.  Why?  Because Americans must be doing something wrong.  The United States is the wealthiest, most highly educated nation in the world; yet it is one of the sickest nations in the world. In the United States of America over 66 percent of the population die from blood vascular and heart disease, and over 20 percent from cancer.  Three out of four Americans are dying from these two diseases alone.  

(TML pg. 18)


Numerous people throughout the world during the last few decades have been warning of the effects which chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, and radiation have been having on our foods.  “Radiation”: that word strikes fear in many Twenty-First Century citizen due to its known effects upon the human system and its probability of being a carcinogen, a cancer causing agent.  Dr. Mary (Steward) Relfe, in her book the New Money System (666), shows a picture of a warning sign found on the Universal Product Code decoder found in most supermarkets today which says, “CAUTION—Laser radiation— Do not stare into the beam of viewer directly with optical instruments —“.  These machines, being still experimental, have had very little testing concerning their carcinogenic factors when used around living tissue.  Relfe mentions that it will first be “the checkout girls…to know what constant exposure to this Laser Radiation does to the body.  But, like lead and asbestos poisoning it could take a few years”.  She goes on to report how these laser beams “can read Bar Codes under plastic and glass from several inches to several feet away” which she got from a Laser Scanner brochure.  (NMS pg. 66-67)

The laser-beams themselves, will possibly be determined to be a safe risk by the World Health Organization, and scientists will soon be announcing a method to invisibly tattoo people with the Universal Product Code or similar coded mark with a medically proven “safe” method of application and use.  What, however, they will fail to do is to test these two procedures together over an extended period of time in living flesh.  Whether the method is via the laser-beam light ray, the infrared light ray, or some other method the combination of these rays and the chemicals used to mark the people accepting the tattoos will somehow cause a chemical reaction which makes the mark become cancerous; or possibly something worse, whatever that may be.

In any event, John says that the sores were “ugly and painful” much as is skin cancer known by those in affluent societies.  As soon as the second angel poured out his bowl of wrath the people with the mark begin to die as though an exterminator had been hired to annihilate the pests of Earth until the last one is soon destroyed  (REV 16:3).  

Through the language of the prophecy, except one has knowledge of the prophetic language, the meaning of the events of this chapter of The Revelation is bound to be confused.  The prophetic language shows that the term “blood of a dead man” actually means “the life of a sleeping man”.  Now the life of a sleeping person, unless there are dreams, is quiet, still almost lifeless: thus the reason why the analogy of calling death “sleep“ in the scriptures (MAT 9:24; MAR 5:39; LUK 8:52; JOH 11:11).  Thus will the economic mark of the beast cause those who take it to die (or sleep) due to their lack of heeding the warning to trust God.

But as these people who take the mark become ill and die, another of God’s angels will be pouring out the wrath of God onto the planet and on those who had already entered into the peaceful sleep of death in ages past and they shall arise (REV 16:4).  Those who are dying shall see this, and they shall be tormented because they believed it could never happen.

It will be then that the spirit of the people in the body of believers will say, “You are righteous, O Lord, which are, and was, and shall be, because you have judged thus: For they (the ones who will arise at this time) had poured (lived) the lives of believers and prophets, and you have given them lives to enjoy; for they are worthy” (REV 16:6-7—LIV).  That is, the righteous ones who have lived in the past will soon receive their lives again, even into eternity.

And the fourth angel will pour his vial of wrath upon God, the Father; and Jehovah will go forth through the resurrected ones and prove to the unbelievers of the justice of his judgement, through their ministry to them, as being righteous.  And the righteousness of the unbelievers shall be destroyed with the great anger of God.  But the ones with the mark will repent not of their unbelief and will blaspheme the name of God who resurrected these who torment them by their very presence.

Now when the fifth angel pours out his wrath upon the seat of the beast, which is “Mystery Babylon” from which the doctrines of wealth came, the kingdom becomes full of death.  They look over their doctrines of wealth for what could have possibly gone wrong; but to no avail.  And, being in such pain, they blame the God of Heaven for their sores and the pain which comes with them, calling them “Acts of God”; and still they do not repent of their deeds.

The sixth spirit poured out the wrath of God on the river Euphrates which had given the word of life to the people, and the Truth in the people dried up.  This will be done so as the kings of the eastern kingdoms of Russia, China, and India can come into the Western stronghold which was once Christian and overrun it.  John says that at this time he saw three unclean spirits, intended to deceive the world, come from Satan, and from the nation (the international empire), and from the false prophet.  They will be, he says “the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty” (REV 16:13-14).

Who these spirits of devils are can be only conjectured at the writing of this book due to the time still needed to elapse for the prophecy to be sure.  However, even today, since Earth’s citizens are divided into two major camps:  Christians and non-Christians; and since the economic mark is all but given and the sores of materialism are already prevalent in the world, a close assumption should be able to be given as to who these demons are.

The proclamation of the demon which comes from Satan, that is the reestablished Roman Empire, and the World Church, will be unification of Earth’s religions under one leadership. That this is a major organizations like the World Council of Churches is obvious.  However, once the catalyst of the true Christians has been removed from these churches by their refusal to accept the mark, there will no longer be anything to hold back the doctrine of demons from being taught within these church’s walls.  Even today can one see a steady influx of Theosophical, theistic, Hinduistic, and even Voodooistic practices, though probably taught under different names inferring Christianity, in the churches of the West.

This is not saying that such religious methods as meditation are evil, for even David meditated (PSA 1:2); but often the one these churches guide a person to is no longer clearly Jesus, the Christ, in the name of the unification of all religions. Whenever a group of Christians rejects the call from Jesus to pray in his name (JOB 14:13), for the sole purpose of appeasing those of other faiths, they have discarded the power of their prayers and, in essence, deny Jesus as being the Christ.  Thus, through this practice, have many false doctrines seeped into the universal Churches of God.

The demon which speaks through the international (economic) nation we currently see outwardly as the U.N. but which is much larger than the United Nations ever shall hope to be known, will pronounce its support of an international world leader, the Antichrist, in the near future.  It, coupled with an organization like the World Church, the Lucius Trust, or any one of dozens of organizations, will determine that the best way to manage the problems of the world brought on by an invading force from heaven (space) will be to create a mind link of one man with “The Beast” computer in Brussels or Luxemburg and to create the circumstances to cause people to believe that this cyborg-man, who will be controlled by the computer and infested by the spirit of Satan, is truly the Christ whom they have so long awaited.

This Antichrist of international fame, according to Paul, will “oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, and even sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God” (2TH 2:4).  He will, through manipulation of the Scripture by the demon which speaks out of a false prophet, fit almost perfectly the identifying marks of the true Christ, Jesus; and through these three, shall those not be followers of Jesus be gathered together to do battle against those of God in “that great year of God Almighty.”

It is at this moment of worldly man’s preparation to do battle with the invading force from space John says he heard a reminder of something the Lord had said several years earlier, “Behold, I come as a thief!  Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his salvation, less he walk naked and they see his shame: (REV 16:15-KJV).  This will be the moment the believers are removed from Earth.

Even today it can be seen that the “kings” of the countries of Earth are gathered around the area in the Middle East where lies Armageddon.  Today, though the ships, atomic weapons, aircraft, and other weaponry are all aimed at other human enemies; at a moment’s notice they could all be aimed at a supposed approaching enemy from space upon the command of a powerful personage such as the Antichrist.

And then the seventh angel pours his bowl into the air and out of the body of believers who are in the temple in heaven comes a loud proclamation.  “It is done!”  At that moment, from seemingly out of nowhere, comes chariots flashing across the sky as lightening.  The earth quakes at the presence of God as the proofs of wickedness are pronounced over the planet.  In an array of finality, Jerusalem splits into three parts from the quake fault-lines which join there, and then “God remembers Babylon the Great” and destroys her with all of his wrath.  The mountains (self-righteous ones) disappeared and were flattened, and the islands of the sea were removed. And the 144,000 who had been redeemed from Earth returned, each looking to be as Jesus, the Christ, and destroyed those left on the planet by their very presence. And still the unbelievers left on the planet cursed God because of this return of the Sons of God; because it was destroying them as these things occurred.

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