See Ch. 15 -Seven Angels with Seven Plagues

The people of Earth, having been divided into two camps, those who worship the god of money and those who chose to follow Jesus, will soon no longer war by facing one another as on a battleground upon this plane.  Instead, when the Lord sends out his angels to gather “the elect”, the final battle shall then begin concerning the true ownership of this orb.  As soon as these two mighty forces are finally gathered into their philosophical camps, and the last decision has been made concerning whom the people will serve, God or mammon (for they cannot serve both) ( MAT 6:24; LUK 16:19), John says he saw “in heaven another great and marvelous sign:  seven angels with seven last plagues—last, because with them God’s wrath is completed.” (REV 15:1)

Often theologians have declared that God’s wrath entails a much larger part of  The Revelation than saying that it begins in Chapter 15 and ends in Chapter 16 as is being stated here.  True, the events which have occurred previously have been allowed by the Creator, thus causing many to repent.  But to believe that God’s wrath began being described in sixth chapter (vs. 17) of The Revelation is simply part of the confusion caused by the dispensation theory. During the sixth seal the kings, princes, generals, rich and poor throughout the world, and everyone else who sought refuge amongst the righteous ones declared “the great day of their (Jehovah and Jesus’) wrath has come, and who can stand”? This is that event from which the Lord promises to protect the Philadelphian Church earlier in The Revelation (3:10).

What the Lord promises those of the Philadelphian church is not to protect them from “the tribulation” when he mentioned to his disciples in Jerusalem (MAT 24:21-KJV); instead it was what was to come “Immediately after the distress (tribulation—KJV) of these days…” after the sign of the Son of Man appears in the sky with Jesus returning “on the clouds of the sky (MAT 24:29-30) along with “thousands upon thousands of his holy ones” (JUD 14—quoting Enoch) and sending out those angles to “gather his elect from the four winds (prophets), from one end of the heavens to the other” (MAT 24:31).  The “Great Tribulation”, as so many have coined the time of supposed judgement by God of Earth and its inhabitants has, in most cases, been confused with and correlated to God’s wrath.  Though perhaps similar, the two events are quite different indeed.

What is tribulation?  Paul told the Roman Church that:

We glory in tribulations also:  knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience experience, and experience, hope:  And hope maketh not ashamed because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.  

(ROM 5:3-5—KJV)

Does it not seem that Paul here said that tribulation is not only a method of perfecting the saints but also used as an invaluable tool toward the spreading of the gospel?  The “perfecting of the saints” is a major purpose of the five-fold ministry of the Church body of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers which , in the Twenty-first Century seems to be a lost order of service.  Today the Church, as a whole seems to be more like the man Jesus healed in Galilee with the withered hand (MAT 12:9-13).  With the rejection of the first two positions in the hierarchy of the Church as Paul first described it of the apostles and prophets, the majority of the denominations have placed an unnecessarily heavy burden upon the remaining three fingers of the Church hand; namely the evangelists, pastors, and teachers.  Although some denominations do recognized these positions of Apostles and Prophets in the latter part of the Twentieth Century historically these titles came to disrepute sometime during the middle ages as being something no longer in existence.  Yet Joel, several hundred years before Christ’s birth on Earth, said that in the end days “Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.  Even on my servants, both men and women”. (JOE 2:28-29)

Even though this prophecy saw the beginning of its fulfillment at the first Holy Spirit Petecost (ACT 2:14-21) it is imperative to recognize that the total fulfillment of this prophecy has not yet occurred.

Therefore, that which theologians have generally called the “Great Tribulation” has been nothing more than Satan’s attempts toward the destruction of the Lord’s Church.  Through this she has been learning how to be patient.  And by this experience of being patient she has learned how truly to hope.  And through this hope she will not, on the day of judgement, that day of the last harvest, be found ashamed because through this tribulation will she be brought by God’s love which was placed within her by the Holy Spirit. (ROM 5:3-5)

The “Great Tribulation” has been being played upon the Universal stage called Earth now for nearly 2000 years.  Mankind is nearly at the point where a final choice will be made concerning who we will serve.  Christians should be preparing to make this decision even as they profess having made the decision to accept the salvation offered by Christ.  Pastors should be guiding their flocks on how to properly understand the prophecies and say “No!” to this insidious economic slavery under which the world is fast coming.  Instead the largest proportion of the believers have fallen under a strong “delusion” (2TH 2:11) where they believe in a powerful doctrine called the “pre-tribulation rapture theory” where it is believed that Christians will be removed from the planet before “The Great Tribulation” actually begins.

To the thinking mind, there are so many inconsistencies to the pretribulation theory, including counting from one to sixty-nine weeks of years from the rebuilding of the temple as a fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy (DAN 9”20-27) then skipping nearly 2000 years before counting the last seven years to complete the prophecy, that the slow drift away from this theory from its height in the 1950’s and 1960’s seems inevitable.  But the fact remains that most theologians and pastors today still teach that the true believers will not be living on Earth during this “tribulation” period.

It is exactly this type of theology which establishes the needed atmosphere for the placing of the one Paul called “the Lawless one” and who will then come “in accordance with the work of Satan” into international power (2TH2:5-10).  Through this theology of complacence Christians have largely been lulled to sleep concerning the warnings in The Revelation and other prophecies as being unable to directly affect them because, they say, “We will not be here when those things happen because it is promised that the Lord will remove the believer before those things occur.”  But Corrie ten Boom, who lived through the Hitler Nazi regime in Germany, stated in the front of Jim McKeever’s book Christians Will Go Through the Tribulation that:

I have been in countries where the saints are already suffering terrible persecution.  In China the Christians were told, “Don’t worry before tribulation comes, you will be translated – raptured.”  Then came a terrible persecution.  Millions of Christians were tortured to death.  Later I heard a Bishop from China say, sadly, “We have failed.  We should have made the people strong for persecution rather than telling them Jesus would come first.”  

(CTT pg. 5)

Although there are efforts by a few enlightened theologians and Bible scholars for the Truth to be taught, there are still large segments of Christianity who insist that believers will be raptured off the planet before the tribulation begins.  It is possible, since the theory was unknown before the 1900’s (EDT pg 908), that there has been an attempt by the unscrupulous to cause Christians to be theologically lethargic and thus unaware of the fast loss of true freedoms which they have been experiencing in American and other countries since the beginning of the Twentieth Century?

Does it not seem ironic that this was close to the same time that the followers of Karl Marx, who declared religion to be the “opium of the people” in his Critique of Hagel’s Philosophy of Right (Intro: see: GCQ 297:7)  in 1944, gained national power in Russian and international influence.  And, at about the same time, the Commission on Foreign Affairs was formed in the United States which since has been streamlined into the Tri-Lateral Commission which seemingly has been formed by the western economic elite as a step closer to world conquest.

Is it feasible that this delusional doctrine could have been somehow planted into the Christian Church in order to take advantage of the opiate effect which Marx proclaimed so dangerous to true government?  But Marx, through his theory, thus outlawed all religion and thereby caused his communistic citizens to be openly atheistic where America and its allies are usually known to promote the freedom of worship of God.  How then could it be said that the system of the Western bloc of nations is , in reality, no better than that of the East? The statement can be made basically because even though in the East the few churches which are found are manipulated as in their messages by the dictatorial government,  those of the West have become just as manipulated by those who are rich and without ethics, who inevitably withdraw their support from a congregation upon the first sign of a pastor following God’s leading in his preaching to his congregation instead of what that minister’s main supporters would have him or her) teach.  

Thus the proverbial cycle of the ditch (MAT 15:14; LUK 6:39) has become prevalent within Christianity because so many of the pastors in the pulpits are largely no longer there because God has place them there, but because it is a means of consistent income as long as they do not step upon the main supporters toes; be they of the governments of the East or the elite of the West. Thus many of the pastors have become servers of money and not servants of God.

4.15.1  The Sea of Glass

It is the ones who awaken from the sleep they are in, before it is too late, and say no to the religious system of the beast which encourages the human race to create a god in its own image who will be counted amongst the people of purity John says who had been proclaimed victorious over the beast.  The rest will eventually encourage, no, proclaim to the believers that they should take the economic mark of the powerful nation which believes it controls the computer it calls “The Beast” (WMF pg. 44-48).  

The rest will gather together against these chosen vessels of God, taking on “a form of Godliness but denying the power” (2TI 3:5—KJV).  They will proclaim the foolishness of the doctrine declared in this book which the reader is currently studying until such day as their righteousness is found to be as filthy as rags in the sight of the Lord (ISA 64;6).  But those who believe the words of The Revelation, and obey them, will hold them dearly as they refuse the mark of the beast; singing even as Moses sang the song of redemption after being saved from the Egyptians, saying:

 “Great and marvelous are your deeds,

Lord God Almighty.

Just and true are your ways,

King of the ages.

Who will not fear you, O Lord,

And bring glory to your name.

For you alone are Holy.

All nations will come

And worship before you,

for your righteous acts have been


(REV 15:3-4—NIV)

Then John says the heavenly tabernacle opened and out came seven angels with seven last plagues which represented the wrath of God.  The elect of God will not experience this wrath.  They, by their obedience shall be protected from it.  They, through their act of faith in God’s Word, will be provided a refuge in which, while the world receives its judgement, they rejoice in theirs.

John says that once this division between the obedient believers and the unbelievers were made that the temple was then closed to anyone else then entering it until such time as the plagues of God’s wrath were complete.  At that time, declares John, the dwellers of the temple of God become the enemies of those left on Earth.  For those in the body of Christ, having not received the beast’s mark, become a source of major problems for Satan’s planetary nation.  Having been removed from the wicked (1TH 4:17) they remain safe in the Kingdom of God.

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