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With Rome realizing that it had been defeated essentially by a small group of renegade pacifists, it set forth to destroy this small band of followers of Jesus in any way it could (REV 12:13).  Due to the Christians’ unabashed lack of fear of anything the Romans dealt them, the pronouncement of Jesus’ victory over the grave spread throughout the Roman Empire rapidly.  Even through such persecutions being blamed for the burning of Rome in 67 A.D. (FOX pg. 5-6), which resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple three years later, and repeated oppressions and slaughtering of their numbers, the Christians rejected the Roman system denying the emperors’ their worship.

Frustrated, the dragon stood upon the shore of this sea of people amazed at the sudden power of this multitude and determined that it would regain its once absolute power over them.  During this fall of the Roman Empire, ending in 395 A.D. Constantine I, called “the great”, conquered Istanbul in 330 A.D. (WDL) which he renamed Constantinople after himself and which he privately called “New Rome.”

However Anderson claims that since Constantine foresaw the ultimate victory of Christianity, he “became its champion,” riding on the train of the bride’s wedding gown.  Having already become known as siding with the Christians, Constantine called a great council in the city of Nicaea in Bithynea in 325 A.D.  Out of this Council of Nicaea, where representatives of numerous churches throughout the now waning Roman Empire gathered, was born a universal church which was eventually called the Roman Catholic Church.  But instead of this church being established with its headquarters in Jerusalem its home was determined to be Rome.  The reasons Catholics have given for this have been numerous, with the most powerful being that this shows the triumph of the Church over the world’s system of paganism.  However, when one compares the history of the Catholic church with the thirteenth chapter of John’s prophecy only those oblivious to Truth would deny the parallel.

4.13.1 The Beast of the Sea

John tells in Chapter Thirteen of The Revelation of how he saw a new nation coming up out of the sea of people over which the dragon had been looking.  This nation looked very similar to the dragon (Rome) inasmuch as it had ten regional kingdoms and its headquarters was in a city built upon seven mountains (hills?) –the exact situation of the original city of Rome.  The only difference between the way the dragonish Roman Empire looked to John and the reinstituted Rome of the Catholic Church were the number of crowns, that is the amount of riches upon its heads; for now it had heaped upon itself the riches of the faithful who had been persuaded to establish what was hoped to be a Christian nation.

The heads, as will be more easily seen in Chapter Seventeen, were the ones chosen to lead people into political order.  As mentioned in Chapter Six, God assuredly chose Nebuchadnezzar to become the most powerful leader the nation of Babylon ever knew.  However, due to the evident worldliness of these leaders, each of them were eventually found to be unworthy due to their blasphemous ways.  This resulted in their kingdoms eventually failing.

The beast upon which John gazed looked like a leopard, which has been shown in Part I (1.6.0;3.2.4) to be Greece, with its courts of justice and hierarchy of economic powers, its way of doing things were more like Media-Persia in its united political prowess in as much as it blended two philosophies (Christian and Pagan) into one.  The speech of this spiritualized Rome sounded much like that of Babylon wherein the things which had been once revealed by Jesus became, once again, a mystery; supposedly for only the religious elite to have or understand.

Presiding at the first session at the Council of Nicaea was Constantine I, who retained the pagan title of Pontifex Maximus during these meetings and even unto his death (FWE).  Upon Constantine’s death, his successors assumed the title of “Bridge Collector”  (Pontifex Maximus) until in 375 A.D. the Christian emperor, Gratian, refused the pagan vestments and the pagan title.  However Anderson states that the “bishop of Rome, seeing the opportunity to exalt his dignity assumed the title and vestments of Pontifex Maximus” (UTB pg. 124).  Satan, the dragon, the remnant of the Roman Empire, had thus given this new “Christianized nation” his power, his throne and great authority.

Now, even though the dragon seemed to have, at one time, a fatal wound to one of its seven world empires, that wound had been healed.  People were in awe of this new kingdom, believing it to be the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.  Multitudes followed the doctrines of its leaders, the Popes.

For John to say that the people worshipped the dragon could be quite confusing, for how could someone worship a nation?  But the worship was in the act of veneration, having intense love or admiration (WDL) for the power which had given their nation its authority. They did this by not rejecting the paganistic wave of Rome but by creating a degree of convergence between them.  And they worshipped, also, the nation which looked as if it had been once destroyed but had been resurrected through the power of the beast.  Calling Rome the “Eternal City” they asked, “Who is like the beast?  Who can make war against him?”  (REV 13:4)

The political power of the Catholic Church was to last from Emperor Justinian’s decree which made the bishop of Rome “the corrector of heretics” in 538 A.D. until the weakened General Berthier of France took Pope Pius VI as prisoner in 1798.  The Pope was exiled until his death a year later during which time no pope ruled (UTR pg. 31, 137).

During the last 468 years of the 1260 years of political power of the Papacy it began to feel the results of its tyranny; but until then if anyone spoke a word against “The Church” immediate retribution was sure to follow.  With numerous changes in the traditions and doctrines of the founding fathers, including what day of the week one should worship, the seat of the Papacy truly fulfilled Daniel’s prophecy even to the point of subduing three kings in the Roman kingdom.  He did this while proclaiming himself to be “the Mouthpiece of God,” oppressing “the saints and (trying) to change the set times and the laws” (DAN 7:25).

The authority which the Roman church held over the world at one point was absolute.  Kings were crowned by the Pope.  Authority was dispersed by him.  Taxes were gathered in his name.  Everyone, who knew not the Lord, worshipped through this one who sat in Rome—thus, in essence, they worshipped him, for they felt themselves unworthy to approach the Lord themselves.

Many are the names of the Popes who’s names are listed among those who should be venerated in Catholic books.  But those who truly understood what faith in Christ means did not collapse under the pressure to bow to the Papacy system.

Even as the Popes led many true believers of Christ into captivity due to their belief in Jesus only, and their rejection of the Catholic system; so also was the Pope taken captive in France in 1798.  But this seemed to be only a final demise of a system which was fast losing its power and becoming a captive to a new power which was emerging.

4.13.2 The Beast out of the Earth

Now John says he saw another nation appear; but this time instead of it coming out of the multitudes of people it seemed to spring forth from the earth; the very foundations of faith itself.  This nation had two kingdoms like that of Christ’s Israel which had, many centuries hence, been divided between Judah who carried the scepter of power of the nation and the less powerful but more numerous remainder of Israel (GEN 49:9-10; 2SA 24:1; 1KI 4:20).  The national division in this country between the things of the spirit and those of the political realms caused many to believe that this land of America was truly the “Promised Land” and even based one of the first ten amendments of its constitution upon the basis of freedom of religion.  Henceforth the Catholic Church, nor Rome, nor any other religious power would ever again have the absolute power as it once had, as was prophesied by Daniel (DAN 7:26-27).

But very quickly it began being recognized that many of the doctrines coming out of the United States were sounding more like Babylon; possibly like Babel—the place where the tongues were confused—than a place which could actually claim to be purely of God.  Although the Constitution of the United States guarantees the freedom of religion (USC Amendment #1), by the end of this nation’s second century it is now demanding that its citizens support school systems which teach the doctrines of Baal, denying their children the right to worship God freely in its public schools.

Although largely denied, the American society is based much more upon the Roman system than that of Israel. The Roman government was one of democracy; ancient Israel was a theocracy, a republic based on law.  The Roman economy was largely capitalistic; Israel was basically socialistic until recently, and even today has tendencies toward that.  Even the massive sports stadiums are very reminiscent of the Roman coliseums where the Christians were slaughtered by the thousands during the early Church Age.  Oh, certainly the slaughtering is over for a more “civilized” scrambling for a blown-up pig’s skin or some other valueless inanimate object; but the principle of violent diversion is still there.

The democratic authority established in the United States, while yet the more effective form of government people have attempted without God, is far from the theocratic form of government under which Israel lived when they had no king.  Before that first king Israel was ruled only by the Word of God enforced by the judges of the Land.  When Samuel, the last judge, became aged and his sons became corrupted, the elders demanded that he appoint a king to them even as all the other nations had done.  Reluctantly he did so; but it was then that many sorrows were added to them (1SA 8:1-9).

Even though many Christian principles can be found throughout the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, the fact remains that many of the principles upon which this new nation was founded were direct derivatives from the Old Roman Empire as they had been passed down through the Roman Catholic Church.  Because of this emulation of the Roman society in the United States the schools and colleges within its borders consistently uplift the first beasts’ ways as something to be venerated:  a form of worship.

Through the knowledge which has been passed down to the Americans through the ages from the Old Roman Empire, Americans have been able to perform great miracles in front of the eyes of the citizens of Earth such as had never before been conceived in recorded human history.  From the Roman political structure and war machines came a destructive power so awesome and complete that even the leaders of the greatest worldly kingdoms shudder at the thought of total war.

 Through Grecian philosophies of medicine have many diseases been conquered.  From Media-Persia comes the principle of unity for the common defense of nations; states.  Through the Babylonian knowledge of the stars has come an age of space exploration.  Assyria had contributed the idea of a written constitution millennia ago.  And Babel, the foundation of this list of nations, was the  beginning of the system of faith originally called Baalism, Humanism; and the knowledge that if people would unite there would be nothing they could not do.

“We use these things to preserve the Christian way of life against the powers of darkness and and atheism,” say those who are promoters of the idea that America is the New Israel, the New Jerusalem.  True, the fire of the ministry has been kindled brightly in the this land of liberty and thus had spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  Americans are first to stand for human rights throughout the world, even if it means the destruction of millions of lives by “causing fire to come down from heaven” not only in the form of the ministry but by the dropping of atomic bombs like in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Because of these “miracles” of so called science, the United States has adequately duped other nations, as well as its own citizens, into believe that it is still a Christian nation; as largely it was in its beginnings.  However in a sincere desire to both attempt to reduce the possibility of a total, final war; and to try to spread its system of “blessed democracy”, the United States on June 26, 1945, gave its full support to the formation of the United Nations.  Inasmuch as the United States had the atomic bomb which, at that time, no other nation had, it can be easily seen how it literally “ordered” the nations to “set up an image in honour of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived” (REV 13:14).

Since the United Nations was established in 1945 not one nation, not even the United States, has ever elected the delegates who represent them there.  The United States has literally caused this image of revitalized Rome to speak by it providing over 70% of the support of this international government ever since it began.  Without this economic support, the UN would be nothing more than a bloated international showcase of politicians as many have been treating it since its inception.  

However, the very fact that it had the power to both reestablish and maintain Israel in her homeland in 1948 is strong evidence of the power of this new political entity in the world.  Why would the beast want to give Israel back its homeland? First to assure her friendship and to maintain a certain degree of control of both the Jews and Israeli homeland around Palestine, and also to allow a slow segregation of the Israelites from amongst the beast’s own borders.  However both of these reasons would surely be denied by authorities since they are socially unacceptable reasons and are mainly unconscious drives.

2.13.3.  The Mark of the Beast+

The churches of the world have now gone through the major influential systems with which Satan tempted Jesus in the desert before the Lord began his ministry on Earth (MAT 4:1-11).  From the tower of Babel until the fall of Old Rome people have attempted to govern themselves through the prowess of political systems; but these systems failed to be adequate due to the power of the Truth to set people free from the tyranny of such systems.  The catholicized Rome was an attempt by mankind to govern itself by a systemic priesthood founded upon catholic (universal) beliefs.  But it also failed due to the Truth being unable to be hidden under the guise of traditionalism.

Now the world is preparing itself for a final attempt at self-government. This time, admitting the greed of humans, it has based its government upon economics and control all through the aspects of human life of need and desire. It seems to be working on an international scale.  Even those nations who do not willingly become a part of this compact of nations at first find themselves hard pressed to find trade partners; thus they are quickly forced to either join or be absorbed by countries who are already members.

There occurred a major victory for the western world when in 1988 the communistic, atheistic leadership of what was then known as the U.S.S.R. determined to make their restrictions on trade, religious worship, and other facets of life more “Westernized.”

Having once moved to New York City, which has a suburb named Babylon (the only town named that in the United States according to the 1985 Rand-McNally Road Atlas), the UN and its major economic founders quickly became a major influence in all phases of people’s lives.  While men like Nelson Rockefeller, Warburg, Carnegie, Schiff, Selegman, Morgan and others of the economic elite determined it best to have the UN maintain a low profile so as not to create alarm amongst the world’s “common citizens”; their march toward world conquest continues even to the day this book was first published through their progeny and others who have joined their ranks.

Far rightest Lt. Col. Archibald E. Roberts, AUS. Ret. Says that:

“Capitalizing on the axiom that ‘politics is a business.’ the Rockefellers and their co-conspirators insinuated themselves into federal government.  Today, the Rockefellers and a few others control the United States government and exploit its authority to dismantle the Republic and reform America into a centralized, computerized society responsive to their molding hands.”  

(ESS pg. 145)

As evidence of this Roberts sights throughout his book, The Emerging Struggle of State Rights, the concept of federal regionalism whereby the United Sates has been divided into ten economic regions: an identical system as could have been found in the Old Roman Empire.  This can be found described by the various forms of new constitutions multifarious organizations, including the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, in Santa Barbara, California have been creating.

In 1964, this center (SDI) of thinkers convinced Rexford Guy Tugwell, who later became the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture under President James Carter, to draft a new constitution for the United States (TCM pg. 89). It can be easily seen, though this new constitution has never been formally instituted or presented for approval as a unit of governmental power, major portions of its “new ideas” have been instituted without public approval or knowledge.  Among these changes could be said to be the total number of states.  Although the United States still formally has fifty contiguous states, the fact is that when President Richard Nixon signed Executive Order #11647, which grouped the fifty states of the United States into ten economic regions, that these individual states lost much of their self-governing power.  Along with the Federal Reserve Bank’s authority to control the prime lending rate for money loaned to member banks and the amount of reserve percentages which those commercial banks must keep on reserve without the approval of Congress, which power Congress gave it on a temporary basis in 1933 but made it permanent in 1935 (FRS pg. 51), this creation of an economic division of the country into ten regions was a direct fulfillment of the suggested proposed constitution which Tugwell had drawn for The Center several years earlier.

In his article entitled “The Conspiracy to Sovietize the World,” Don Bell, publisher of Don Bell Reports, and council member of the Committee to Restore the Constitution stated it as follows:

Thus, you see, the Elitists through their Trilateral Commission, Bilderburg Group, the Communist Leadership,, are using the Government of the nations of the world to promote the interests of the multinational cartelists and the international bankers. These Governments are at the same time destroying themselves for they are to be but administrative parts of regions in a regionalized world government….

The small nations are supposed to fear and obey the two Super Powers (whom they have “created”), who are supposed to fear and obey the Elitist, which the people of the world are supposed to believe that the “only alternative is World Federation.”  For consolation we turn to Second Psalm.

 (ESS pg. 183)

Ah, second Psalm, wherein even though the nations plot as to how they can obtain world conquest the believer knows that Christ has already obtained that honor.  But try they will.  One needs only to look at how closely the super-powers of the United States, along with its collaborators including much of Europe, Canada, Japan, and the Soviet Union are becoming, not only politically but also socially and economically, to realize how accurate this presumed enemy concept promoted by Bell actually has existed.

Ever since the height of the young New York Stock Exchange in the mid-1920’s the United States left behind the democratic-capitalistic form of society on which it was formed and entered a quasi-socialistic society where a group of elitists who usually are found in the government can also control and manipulate major forms of production in the United States and other countries.  Had the basis of power within the world’s stock exchanges and businesses been one vote per person owning stock in a company the equation of power would never have been tilted into the hands of just a few as it has been.  However, since the founders of the stock market system saw fit to establish its voting system on the non-democratic basis of one vote for each share of stock one person might own the controlling power quickly shifting from the government of the United States’ Constitution to the few cunning elitists who could manipulate the markets to their own advantage.  Thus the major power of the world is no longer political or religious, but rather it is economic.

It is inevitable that if this benevolent socialistic system is to continue its process of world conquest it must determine a way to provide at least the minimum amount of supplies for all of the people it desires to dictate.  To do this it much count the cost.  Thus the United Nations has been doing through estimation since its inception; but eventually this will be determined not to be sufficient.  In order to have a somewhat equitable distribution of wealth, at least openly in the view of the citizens, it will be decided to be of the utmost importance to obtain an accurate count of the population of the planet and where they are most concentrated.

How does one expect to get an accurate count of billions of people?  “He also forced everyone small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name” (REV 13:16-17).  By eliminating economic trading by cash or barter systems and creating a system of trade where the only way to buy or sell is to have an economic tattoo will create an absolute way to obtain a worldwide census.  If the people want to buy or sell they will get the mark.  When they obtain the mark they will be counted and the necessary statistics obtained to conduct the worldwide wealth sharing project.  If they refuse the mark it will be presumed they will die thus not affecting the statistics.  Very simple.

Authors like Willard Cantleton, Salem Kirban, Dr. Mary (Stewart) Relfe, PhD., and others have been writing of such a money system as described above for years.  Relfe, in her book The New Money System (666) made an extensive study of the Universal Product Code wherein she discovered that the three extended sets of lines found on most of these codes, though denied by the creators of the system, could be said to represent the number “666” as John said the mark meant which he saw in the vision (NMS),

John here warns, though, that wisdom must be used when trying to determine to what this mystical number of “666” actually refers.  He says “if anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number” (REV 13:18).  Innumerable presumptions concerning the identification of the personage represented by this number have been made throughout history since John wrote this vision.  Though the erroneous presumptions could fill many pages it would be pointless in this book.  However Anderson gives an explanation which is worth noticing.  It seems that through the use of numerics (see: 1.7.2) that Rome repeatedly was indicated by this number as shown in Figure 4.13.3.

But, while Anderson goes on to support the Seventh Day Adventist view that to worship on Sunday is to receive the mark of the beast since it was the Latin Catholic Church which unilaterally changed the prescribed day of worship, it seems that in the Twentieth Century when the religious realm has become simply another part of of society’s make-up there must be another meaning along with this relationship of the number of Rome.  Although Anderson does recognize that King Solomon received annually 666 talents of gold for his services (UTR pg. 134; 1KI 10:14, ECC 2:8-11, 17) he does not pursue this idea that this number then represents the number of gold.  Since Solomon was salaried at this mystical number for the building and perpetuation of the temple, it becomes easy to see how the number could represent wealth or materialism.

Though it seems almost inevitable that those who worship on the Sabbath will be less likely to receive a physical mark of the Universal Product Code or something similar to it when it is placed upon people (2017 comment), to say that people who do not worship during the Sabbath are doomed is quite deceptive and seems to be trapping people back into the slavery of the law from which Jesus rescued them when he was here.  The economic mark will most likely be given during the highest traffic hours of the world’s shopping districts, the world’s economic computers and theoreticians will surely determine it most feasible to hire the necessary medical personnel to staff the worldwide census booths during the same time period which God has proclaimed to be a day of rest and worship.  With the power shown by the economic system today throughout the international banking and monetary systems it certainly seems logical to be properly prepared to say “NO” to this insidious mark which will be given through the economic centers of the world.  The easiest way to do this is by setting aside the Sabbath as being holy unto the Lord as people were commanded to do in the original ten commandments (ESO 20:8-11) and allowing it to become a protection unto the believers.  Those who worship on any other day will not have this protection.

How will such a system maintain control of people?  Through the computerization of the economics of people all phases of their lives will not only be monitored by a supposedly perfected, electronic brain where all pertinent information concerning them will be stored but also determined as to the best direction for that person to go in the future.  To pretend that this could never happen is but to live in a fairy-tale existence where all things happen according to some glorious script where no one, in the end, is actually ever hurt.

Computers, even now in the Twenty-first Century, are ruling people’s lives allowing them no room for leniency or forgiveness in the event of an individual having economic problems; even if the owner would allow extra time for payment or possibly bend other rules were it not for the complexities of the system created by the computers.  That is not to say that computers are evil; but rather that people have quickly lost control over their creation and are quickly becoming slaves to it.

Today in the supermarkets and other stores there is increasing demand being placed upon both the producers and marketers to use the Universal Product Codes in their businesses.  In fact, except a grocer in the United States decides to deal directly with a farmer which in most cases is illegal, products cannot be ordered from most grocery warehouses unless the name of the company who produced the item appears on the order form; or the number of that company’s name which is coded onto the package; or a machine which deciphers the code itself is used when making orders.

With the increasing demand from both the scientific and business communities for making computers with the ability to “think,” the time is surely short before the humanistic religion of self-worship by people will have reached its climax.  Beginning with the worship of the six-foot hunter, Bel-Nimrod; then progressing to the sixty-six foot statue of King Nebuchadnezzar; then finally the giving of the human’s being to his ultimate creation:  the image of his own mind, which key is the number “666.”  The succession of human progress will soon lead him not into freedom as desired but absolute slavery to an inanimate object and eventual death. Many people today are spiritually marked by who they serve.  God or money?  In their hands or minds will they be marked physically even as most are marked in their hearts today.


Figure 4.13.38

An Economic Mark of the Beast?

The U.P.C. Bar Code which appears as a common item found on most grocery store and department store shelves which is presented below as it is seen on the item’s copyrighted package is a good example of how God has indicated the hidden danger with in this coming computerized economic system.

Though there are now other codes which also are given the numbered label os six, the above coding is free from the original set of codes.  Note how the long lines are the same as the two thin lines which are openly labeled to be six on the mark itself.

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