Bandanna Apron Pattern (Hard Copy via USPS)


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Unique. Easy to make. The Robbins created this fun to make and  use bandanna apron when they owned their arts and craft store called “The Crafty Lady.” 

Now you can get your own copy of this one page pattern right here from the Espirational Mall at a very low price of just $2.00 delivered via email in PDF form (listed separately), or this hard copy is only $3.00 and is delivered through the USPS.

It just takes two standard bandannas, a good, straight needle with some thread, a little ribbon (for the way to tie the apron on) and less than two hours of your time

This is a delightful and simple project for everyone who enjoys easy sewing projects. All we ask is if you  make more copies of this to give to your friends, please come back to and donate a dollar for each copy you make. That buck will be used to help pay the expenses of keeping this site operating.

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