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Hi. I’m Bob Robbins. Have you ever said something like, “I remember my Grandmother telling a story about an event in her life where she was raised by . . . .” Well I’ve said it. And it’s with much disappointment that my sister’s and brother’s children and grand-children and further down the line never will have the chance to hear those stories as told by our grandmother. It also has disappointed me that I never had the chance to meet either of my grandfathers or the grandmother on my mother’s side of the family. Such an experience was lost to me due to being one of the youngest children of my generation. But that does not have to happen now to your future generations.

Now you are able to hand down your memories directly to your descendants through the miracles of modern technology. By doing this short and loving project your great-great grandchildren and beyond will be able to both see and hear you, their ancestor, tell about your precious memories if you were sitting in the same room right with them.

Thanks to modern technology that sad omission of never hearing or experiencing our ancestors as people can be reduced and enjoyed.


Here’s how you do it:

I am an Elder Coach and I have developed a simple to use program and instructions to help you create your “My Eternal Memories” autobiography on computer disc. Your life story can then be given as a gift to your descendants with you telling them. Future generations of your descendants will be able to hear your voice tell of your life as they watch your image on their own computer. And your great-great grandchildren will be able to duplicate the program making it possible for all your family to have a taste of who you really are. The program you produce about your life will be able to be distributed to your family either on disc or via the internet throughout the future for years, decades and generations to come.

I have about 20 years of experience in people oriented types of jobs plus a Masters of Education in Counseling and a family history of an extended family of over two dozen aunts and uncles. A close family while quite large indeed. But, sadly, the stories of my ancestors lives are essentially lost because no one wrote or otherwise recorded them. Depending on word-of-mouth for such information of course cuts down on accuracy, not to mention conveyance of personality of the person whose life is being described. Creating an audio-visual autobiography on disc, like my program helps you do, is an easy solution to that challenge.

The process of creating your own audio-visual autobiography is easy and can be completed on your own desktop or laptop computer which is equipped with a recording system of a screen camera and a built-in microphone. I built this program on a Windows 10 system package thus it produces the best quality production if you use that type of software package to produce your story, but other systems will work also.

Once you receive the package simply follow the steps below:

  • Take a few moments to look over the package to see the program we’ve sent you. Please read the introductory letter carefully.
  • Complete the “Decade Scripting Questionnaire” provided to help you decide what you want in the program for sure and to help  you remember important, interesting, funny or even tragic incidents you need to talk about in your story.
  • Next, open the autobiography’s front page and start filling out the parts like putting your name in places marked “NAME,” complete the personal information grid, put a personal message in the box in the upper right and put pictures of yourself instead of the ones of me which currently appears there. This process was built on a simple word program so the form can be completed with simply typing or placing your picture where it belongs. No fancy manipulations required here.
  • Now simply pull up your computer’s camera and set it up to where your face is in the middle of the screen. It really should not matter whether your computer is desktop or laptop, but I suggest you not try to create this program on a phone (even if it is “smart”) for quality purposes. A desktop computer will give you more consistent quality of work while a laptop computer will give you flexibility of time and location of where you record your sessions. Make your own choice.
  • As you record your story, when you speak of an object, award or document, make a note of it and after you are completed with video taping your message find the item to take a picture of it then place that picture in the slide show folder. If you have the  item at the time you are creating the video you could also show it in the video. But I think it’s best to be certain that all “show and tell” items are in the slide show.
  • The videos are created in “Decade Segments” for both your ease of recording and for your family’s ease of use. After you’ve recorded a certain decade’s story you simply move its file into the proper decade folder provided in the app. Edit it, or have it edited (we can do that for you) as you desire and that decade is done (but it can be added to or changed if needed).
  • Once you’ve completed each decade of your life and have it edited and placed in the proper folder the section (decade chapter) is completed. When you’ve told your story for each of the decades of your life, the project is complete.


See how easy it is? More detailed information is included in the kit to create this autobiography which I am offering to send to you along with tips and fun ideas for making this project a success. A person 70 years of age should be able to set aside a half a day for a week and be able to complete this project in that period of time. Of course, the more time spent, the more thought put into this project, the better the end results will be.

Now, yes, you could take the ideas presented above and create your own presentations without my app. But I can assure you it will take you much longer and you will probably miss things. I’ve spent many hours developing this program to make it simple for you to be able to not put a lot of effort into the production and to simply tell your story to your family on record to be enjoyed for centuries to come.

I’ve done the work of developing a program to create a platform for your story for you. All you need to do is to fill in the spaces and record your story.

Then enjoy giving your story to your children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren. These wonderful programs make terrific gifts — perhaps for Christmas, or when your family decides to give you a special birthday party for a significant birthday.

And when you live another decade, all you need do is to record your story of that decade and send it to those with copies of the original memories’ records. They can place it in the proper folder for future generations.


How to Get the App


I’ve even made the way you get this program as simple as I know how. Simply click on the button, below, marked, “I want to make my memories eternal” and pay the one time low price of $40.00 (plus sales tax) and within a few minutes (24 hours max.) you will receive the app through your email.

Payment is by PayPal, but you can use your major credit or debit card via PayPal if you prefer.

This service was inspired by a not-for-profit organization which has been around for many years and known well by fans of NPR called “Story Corp.” They help people make sound recordings of their life stories. Ten-percent of the proceeds of the sales of this audio-visual program from ETM Publishing will go to Story Corp.



(Program emailed to you within 48 hours of your PayPal payment.)


Token Cash Income

One more thing. If you like this idea, do it yourself and see how easy it is, and tell your friends and acquaintances about it and they tell us you sent them to us you can get a commission for that person’s purchase of that item and/or service. Refer 5 people to use this program and you will get enough commission to pay for the program plus more. This will be explained further in the program’s app when you receive it. But the easiest way to do this is to simply make or forward a copy of this introductory letter to your friend or relative you are referring and tell them to make sure your I.D. number is referred to when they order their copy of the app. Your I.D. number appears below your name on your payment receipt. But the easiest way to start earning money is to first create your own “My  Eternal Memories” autobiography. Then once finished, show others your finished project and encourage them to do the same for their own families.

I hope you enjoy this family loving project.


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(For more information about more complete services or to get your own copy of the “My Eternal Memories” program app simply click link above or go to and complete the form today. Don’t forget your sponsor’s name and I.D. number (above) who told you about this service so they can get their reward.)




Thanks for your interest.

Bob Robbins

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