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Rogene Robbins

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Artist’s Statement, Rogene Robbins, Mixed Media Artist

I am an artist.  I have always been and will always be an artist.  Being an artist is more about who I am than what I do.  Everything I do is done through the eyes and mind of an artist, whether working, playing, cooking, creating, or just hanging out.  This can be extremely helpful in problem solving and finding new ways to do things.  By keeping my eyes and mind open I also never know what might inspire my next work of art.

 i do have training in traditional art techniques and materials but choose to work in mixed media with an emphasis on textiles and fiber with a smattering of beads and found objects that others might call trash.  My love of texture and my chosen materials are a perfect combination for artistic expression.

While the tools of my trade are rather simple and basic I do also use technology for assistance.  I live in a beautiful place and take many photos that are often used as inspiration in whole or for examples of interesting textures.  I have even printed photos on fabric and worked them into an art piece.

My goal as an artist is to help people see the world in a different way.  If my work opens people’s eyes to the details of the world around them or gives  a glimpse of hope, possibility and new ways of doing things or makes us aware of things we need to change I have succeeded.

My artwork has been shown at a variety of venues including:

  • Stuhr Museum
  • The Walnut Valley Festival
  • Tohono Chul Park
  • The Alliance for American Quilts
  • National Quilters Hall of Fame

I may be found online at espirational.com, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus..



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