MEM — My Eternal Memories


People Need to Know Their Roots


Nearly everyone has at some time asked the questions:

“Who am I?”

“Where did I come from?”

“Who were my ancestors?”


We, here at E.T.M. Publishing can help your descendents with those questions which your descendents will ask in the future. Especially that one about who their ancestors were. That being, uh, YOU!

People have oft times tried to have different ways of coping with the problem of passing information about who people of the family tree’s roots are, but they have been sadly inadequate in transferring those people’s stories and personalities. The stories have relied mainly upon passing them from one generation to the next verbally which most people know is simply unreliable and inadequate. Some people who are quite ambitious have spent many hours writing an autobiography and usually self-publishing it for future generations to read. In recent years a few others have made audio-recordings of special parts of their lives to be given to future generations. Story Corps. has become popular for their promotion and providing a method by which to do this through audible recordings.

But now the technology is available to all of us to be able to make an audio/video autobiography by almost anyone. That, combined with the easy to use program set up by Robert O. Robbins, Administrator and Co-Director of E.T.M. Publishing, is now available to you at a very low cost. And it’s easy to use.

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