This is a listing of survey and other social organizations which give opportunities to share your opinions and make activities available to people willing to spend a little time to help change the  world around all of us. Some even pay small stipends for us to do so (like survey businesses).

This is an easy way for us to have a positive influence in  our world.

Simply choose the links to the group/s which sound interesting to you. Click on it’s name and start making your opinions known in a way that counts.

In alphabetical order:



–This group is looking for specific candidates to help their clients determine better  ways to serve their customers by creating better products or customer services. Not everyone qualifies, but with offers  ranging from $5 to $25 per minute it’s obvious you can make some quick spending money in this short gig while giving your opinion and influencing your world while doing one of these short gigs.  You may qualify, check it out. Click on the Respondent name now.


— Want to be Espirational  to those who make decisions for all of us? YouGov conducts surveys for businesses, politicians and social influences worldwide . Pay is in points and is nominal, just a way YouGov staff says thanks for participating, but their reach in influence is significant Let influences worldwide know your opinion.  The Robbins have made a few hundred dollars over the past few years by answering this group’s surveys. You can too while being a postivie influence on your world. Join YouGov today.


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