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Solar Storm

This special technical piece of fabric art by Rogene Robbins is a good example of the type of art you will see by browsing through this Espirational Gallery.

Genie created this item by borrowing a photo from NASA, then pixilated it until it simply would not get any smaller. Then she carefully chose fabric with colors as close as the photo showed and started sewing. WOW! What an image. Sorry folks, it’s hanging on our wall at home.

Although technical pieces like this are few, all of Genie’s pieces are of high quality and very creative. Items are not sold on this Website, however some items may be found at ??? in the near future. Keep watch for the Espirational Gallery, with some pieces already in it and 100 more to come soon. Click Here to view.

See Rogene Robbins Artist’s Profile by clicking here.


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