See Ch. 17 – The Woman on the Beast

John says that one of the seven angels who had the bowls of God’s wrath bade him to, “come, I will show you the punishment of the great ‘whore’(KJV) who sits on the many waters (people.)  With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries” (REV 17:1-2).  This great city which has written upon her forehead the title: “Mystery Babylon, The Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and of the Abominations of the Earth” was sitting upon a scarlet colored beast when John first saw her.  She was dressed in royal colored garments which draped down over her beastly nation and her costly gold, pearls, and precious stones sparkled as she sat before John for him to admire.  The bright red beast had seven leadership divisions, as has been mentioned before in Chapter Twelve, and two kingdoms.  John was now to be shown how Babylon continued to exist throughout man’s historical record of attempting to rule himself.

The woman on the beast was drunk through the martyrdom being performed of the believers in Christ.  Every time a Christian was killed it seemed as though joy spread through the streets of Rome.  John could only stand in astonishment at the sight of her drunkenness.  Then the angel asked him, “why are you astonished?  I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides, which has the seven heads and ten horns….”  (REV 17:7)

What follows in scripture is a riddle which, though it has not evaded theologians, seems to have been one few believers truly understand.  The angel tells John that the beast which he saw “once was, now is not, and will come up out of the abyss and go to his destruction.”  Which could this nation be that the angel describes?

The angel continued by saying that to know to whom it is he is referring “calls for a mind with wisdom.  The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.” It has been mentioned before that the city of Rome was originally build on a foundation of seven mountains (or hills). But, explains the angel, they are also representative of seven kings who have rulers set over their separate kingdoms.  At the time that John was receiving this vision, the angel explained that five of these kingdoms had already fallen; one was yet in existence at the time of the vision; and the seventh had not yet appeared upon the world’s scene.

In order to understand who these kings are, as when putting any puzzle together, it is imperative to first start with the obvious.  Since Rome was in power at the time John recorded his vision then it obviously was the one the angel said “is” in existence at that particular time:

Five have fallen: 1.  ?

2.  ?

3.  ?

4.  ?

5.  ?

One is: 6. ROME

By simple counting backward, the chart can be completed by the information found in Gabriel’s interpretations for Daniel until one reaches numbers one and two (see:1.7.2):

Five have fallen: 1.  ?

2.  ?

3.  Babylon

4.  Media-Persia

5.  Greece

One is: ROME

It is necessary to go back to the history books to discover that the first “world” empire was Babel and then a nation called Assyria arose which has had the longest lasting power since the Noetic flood.  This completes the first part of the chart making it look thus:

Five have Fallen: 1. Babel

2. Assyria

3. Babylon

4. Media-Persia

5. Greece

One is: 6. ROME

This brings John up to the time when he was having the vision.  However, the angel went on to say that another kingdom, which makes the seven, was yet to come and “when it does come, he must remain for a little while”; which according to Chapter Twelve, was the Roman Catholic (Church) Empire.  But, the angel told John, “the beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighty king.  He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction”.

Five have fallen: 1.  Babel

2.  Assyria

3.  Babylon

4.  Media-Persia

5.  Greece

One is: 6.  ROME

One’s yet to come: 7:  Roman Catholic Empire

Beast who was, is not & yet to come:  8.  Mystery Babylon?

This one who has had doom pronounced upon him was none other than the nation over which Nebuchadnezzar ruled:  Babylon.  In the dream which he could not remember, let alone understand, Nebuchadnezzar saw this mighty beast which stretched out through the centuries, millennia of time.  With Assyria as its crown and Babel as stars in that crown.

Today’s economic reestablishment of Babylon can be determined to be in no other place than New York City:  this economic capital of the world.  With a suburb called Babylon, it has become the world renown trade center which all other of the world’s population centers attempts to emulate.  Though there are now several stock exchanges throughout the world, New York was the first and is by far the most powerful.  Within its borders lie the headquarters of the United Nations, the headquarters of the majority of the most powerful publishers, banks, investing organizations, and insurance companies.  It is there where the Chase-Manhattan Bank is located which has sponsored large portions of the moneys needed for the development of the Universal Product Code.

It is also in the state of New York where the Rockefeller family lives, and many other elitist families too numerous to mention in a book of limited scope.  And from New York has been spread business and technological, economic and scientific philosophies since about 1913.

The ten horns,” says the Angel to John, “which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom…”  They will, according to the angel receive their true power for one prophetic hour or fifteen actual days, when this international power attempts to show its strength through the issuance of the command for everyone to be counted and for the mark to be given.  This international organization, which the Tri-Lateral Commission seems to fit very well with its ten nation compact (seven in Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan), but will probably be an even more powerful group soon to be seen to be inclusive of Communistic nations, will all have one purpose of world conquest and will give their authority over to this international power.  The main power will inevitable flow back to Europe, where it originated creating the original picture of a powerful ten nation empire but only seven “kings” or leaders actually being in power as was the original picture of Rome before Christ.

When the world is eventually divided into ten economic regions; and each economic region is divided into ten smaller regions; and these regions are divided into ten, even smaller economic sub- regions; ad infinitum; and the mark has been given to those who have chosen to take it instead of trusting God, then will mankind declare peace on Earth and the unity of mankind.  But it will be a lie.

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