2/5/2019-First Tuesday In Feb. (L/S) “Gone Crazy”

Gone Crazy: 

The Crazy Quilt as An Art Form

Artist’s talk prepared by Rogene A Robbins for Facebook Live 1st Tuesday Live 2/5/19 at 2:00 PM Central Time.  Click here to see live presentation or its recording.)

This presentation covers a bit of quilting history, my perspective on crazy quilting as an art form in general and a look at a few of my own works where I have gone a little “crazy.”  This page includes links to the resources I used in preparing this talk and photos of my crazy works.

Doing my research for this talk I learned I didn’t know as much about crazy quilts as I thought I did.  There is much more than just what we think of as Victorian crazy quilts.  I have included the resources I used for your reference.



Victorian Craziness  — During the 1880’s crazy quilts became a fad encouraged by instructions in magazines and merchants offering packets of silks for these quilts.  Not made as bed quilts they were more a way for wealthy women to show off their embroidery skills.

The Victorians weren’t the first to go Crazy —American colonists and settler’s across the American West used irregular pieces of more humble fabrics to make their quilts, often from old clothing to make quilts.

Contained vs. Unconfined Crazy Quilt   — “A contained crazy quilt is first of all a crazy quilt, which means it has pieces cut to no standard shape.  Those pieces may be embellished with linear embroidery. But what makes it different from a regular old crazy quilt is that the crazy parts are contained within a standard repeated shape.” — Barbara Brackman

Crazy Fabric Art

The crazy quilt is a perfect vehicle for originality and creativity.  Below are a few of mine.

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(Art shown here may be available for sale in Espirational Gallary, click here.)

Resources for Gone Crazy

(accessed1/15 – 1/30 2019)

History of the Crazy Quilt

Quilt History Resources


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