In this constantly changing and often chaotic world everyone needs a little hope, encouragement and a chance, if only for a few minutes, to take a break from the world.  We (Bob and Rogene Robbins) began Espirational in 2012 as we were finding it difficult to stay true to our calling.  The idea for a daily positive thinking blog came when we began sending positive quotes to each other, and then friends and family via e-mail.  As our e-mail list for these quotes grew we decided to start the blog we call Espirational.

We like to think of Espirational as a 10 Minute Vacation for the Soul. A place to relax, unwind, be inspired and maybe even have a little fun.  We strive to keep the content brief, life affirming, health affirming positive and interesting.  We also encourage interaction so feel free to talk to us by leaving your comments.

Over the years our online presence has been expanding and we continue to work on bringing all of our creative endeavors under our online brand Espirational. is where you are right now. is Bob’s blog Espirational Faith where he delves deeper into matters of faith and scripture.  Allow a little bit of time there, it takes more than 10 minutes 🙂  You’ll want to subscribe to e-mail updates for both blogs so you don’t miss a thing!  It’s Espirational!


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Our books are available at Espirational Books.

For more information on Genie’s artwork check out her art and creativity blog posts or if you are interested in buying her work contact her using the Contact form below.

Information on gluten free living and Genie’s recipes is available in blog post.  She has also written several e-books, including The Gluten Free Good Life, available at Espirational Books.


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(Note: All efforts for, and related works are part of Espirational Truth Ministries (formerly Eternal Truth Ministries) and all works of art, publications and postings are owned and copyrighted under the general ownership of this organization unless specifically marked otherwise as being owned and copyrighted by individual artist/writer. Use or republication of any item presented herein must have prior written authorization from E.T.M.)

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