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A 10 minute vacation for the soul?

Admit it.  You could use a break from the world, couldn’t you?  Don’t you get a little world-weary?  I know I do.

That’s why we created Espirational.  It all started out as daily e-mails of positive quotes shared with my husband Bob.  From there we began sharing with others, finally creating Espirational.com as place to relax, unwind, be inspired and maybe even have a little fun.

Who is Rogene Robbins?

  • Artist
  • Writer
  • Gluten-free Home Cook/Recipe Developer
  • Student of Positive Thinking and Spirituality
  •  Author of Espirational

She enjoys using her creativity to make daily life healthier, easier and more fun.

Who is Robert Robbins?

*Writer                                                                                                                     *Trained Counselor                                                                                                            * Religious Researcher, specializing in the prophetic language of the Christian scriptures.                                                                                           *Director of Espirational Truth Ministries                                                    *Author of the Espirational Faith blog

Looking for our Books?

                                                           Rogene’s Books                                                                                                         The Gluten Free Good Life                                                                                       Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday                                                   Frozen Fun!  25 Dairy and Dairy Free Ice Cream Recipes                          Creating a Successful Craft Business

  Bob’s Books 

Revealed Vol. 1 — Prophetic Language:  and the Prophet’s Dictionary

Revealed Vol. 2 — What the Righteous Desire to See:  The Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John, the literal Authorized Version

The Revelation of Jesus Christ – REVEALED:  Literal Authorized Version                                          

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(Note: All efforts for espirational.com, espirational.org and related works are part of Espirational Truth Ministries (formerly Eternal Truth Ministries) and all works of art, publications and postings are owned and copyrighted under the general ownership of this organization unless specifically marked otherwise as being owned and copyrighted by individual artist/writer. Use or republication of any item presented herein must have prior written authorization from E.T.M.)


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– A 10 Minute Vacation for the Soul

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