3/5/2019-First Tuesday In March. (L/S) “Loving Kindness”

Divine Love and Loving Kindness Meditation

The Espiratonal Theme for March is Divine Love — both receiving and sharing.

I introduced our theme on March 3, 2019 with the post Love Breeds Love. https://espirational.com/2019/03/03/love-breeds-love/.  In that post I said “if we are going to heal the great divide in our world the only way to do it  is to live within the unconditional love of God and extend that love to others, letting “love breed love.”

I also asked you to think of one person you could offer the unconditional love of God.  Now we are going to practice, because believe me this one takes practice.

We are going to use a form of Loving Kindness Meditation for our practice.  Loving kindness meditation (Metta bhavana) comes from the Buddhist tradition and is a way of developing compassion. It may be practiced by anyone, regardless of religious affiliation.  There are many forms of this practice out there. I like to keep it as simple as possible.

For more information on Loving Kindness Meditation see:




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