:) The Rebel Jesus

Dig a Little Deeper: 

How would the Rebel Jesus respond

to our world culture and situations?


(Please respond to these questions with your reactions in the comments area of these posts. Everyone wants to know your thoughts about these challenges.

The world can be changed only if we follow our spiritual leaders, talk about it, and act upon it.

— Bob R.)







2 thoughts on “:) The Rebel Jesus”

  1. Great song! It was these very sentiments that led me to receive Jesus having rejected organised religion for many years. How would He react to our society? As He always has, with love, with tears.

    1. Thank you Claire. Great comment! In the last few years I have thought Jesus would react to our current world situations with anger, because I was angry. But as that anger has turned to sorrow and the beginnings of compassion I can see Jesus weeping.

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