Be a Light in a Dark World

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You may have noticed I’m not quick to react to all the crazy, sad, violent and horrific things going on in the world.  When I do post about current events it is only after much thought and prayer.  But after recent terrorist attacks and the web going crazy over red coffee cups I feel the need to address the much broader issues here.
We create our own reality with our thoughts.  This truth I know for sure.  If we believe the world is an evil place, everyone who does not agree with us is against us and we are being persecuted, that is exactly what we will experience.  If we believe in a vengeful, angry God who hates everyone else, that is what we will take out into the world.  However, if we walk daily in the presence of God, spreading His light, love and goodness to all we meet our world will be a much different place.
So what do we do when the world goes crazy?  How do we react, or keep from reacting?
1.  Stay calm.  Breathe deep.  Surround yourself, your loved ones and the world with the Light of God.
2.  Resist the urge to respond to every major world event and every petty little slight.  The more we talk about what’s wrong with the world the more we will focus on it and bring it into being.
3.  Respond to anger with kindness.  This is not easy.
4.  Walk away if necessary.  Also not easy.
5.  Allow other to have their beliefs and opinions realizing you do not always have to be right or have the last word.
6.  Surround yourself with positive, caring people.  Do this for support and encouragement, not to retaliate against the “other side.”  Do not get involved in the wars of others.
7.  Believe light overcomes darkness, good overcomes evil and life overcomes death.
8.  Let your light shine.  Live what you believe, don’t just talk.  People will remember your actions long after your words are forgotten.

9.  Live without fear.  You can actually feel the fear in the world.  Fear can cause the thing we fear most to happen.  A favorite scripture of mine is, “Fear not little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  Luke 12:32.  This is not a “heaven” statement but a here and now statement.  There is no need to worry or be afraid because God does provide.

10. Focus on guarding your own thoughts, words and actions, not those of others.  Let other people be.  You stay centered and calm.

Be a beacon to the world in a dark time.  Let the light that you are shine and shine and shine some more!






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41 thoughts on “Be a Light in a Dark World

  1. These are great tips, the biggest challenge for me is the step n.3, but I am working on it 🙂 Have a nice day!


    1. Me too. We live in an area where people are extremely conservative, frightened and armed. This was written for me as much as anyone. Glad others are finding it helpful.


  2. Greetings human! 😺 ☕️ The human read this with her coffee this morning, and oh my Fleas!! She was so refreshed!

    You said purrfectly what she believes and what they (her, human #2, the Creature’s parents –and her other grown Creatures)- teach The Creature.

    You are a shining light – may you have a blessed, peaceful new year!

    Shrimp (and can openers)


  3. I used to say the only thing I couldn’t afford to lose was my sense of humor. I am updating it to include my sense of humanity. People like you and Bob help people keep their sense of humanity and it has a ripple affect. (((hugs)))

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  4. When a tragedy happens it takes over the news for weeks. We need to know these things but in light of that we need some positive news. Everything should not always concentrate on the bad things happening in the world.I think it gets run into the ground and it is quite stressful. We seem to always tell the world what we’re doing next before we do it. I have always wondered why we do that. Sometimes we just need to think of something good and not respond to the anger that is going on around us.

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