Fall Fun: S’mores

Source: morgueFile
Source: morgueFile

In case you are not familiar with S’mores they are a toasted marshmallow smooshed between two graham cracker halves with a nice piece of a chocolate candy bar.  The hot marshmallow melts the chocolate and makes for a decadent, ooey gooey treat.

Why are they called S’mores?  Because after you’ve eaten one you want s’more.

The marshmallows are traditionally toasted over a campfire (remember summer camp or hayrack rides ending at a campfire?) but you may also use a burner of a gas stove or a kitchen torch (please be careful).

If you are gluten free there are gluten free versions of graham crackers available, or you can make your own.  Of course they technically aren’t “graham” crackers because “graham flour” is a form of wheat.  But they still taste good.

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