Have we Crossed the Line?

I do not always respond to tragedies in the world.  When I do it is after taking time to think and reflect.  I am saddened by the death of Robin Williams, but I am equally appalled by the online frenzy surrounding his death.  It has passed the point of “grief” and “respect.”  It has passed even the point of voyeurism.

While it it is appropriate to express sadness at the loss of a great talent, going to the level of grief and mourning we would experience at the loss of a close friend or loved one may not be.  The intimate moments we share with actors on stage, screen and other media lead us to a false sense of intimacy believing  we actually know them.

I encourage everyone to honor the memory of Robin Williams by taking time away from the news and the internet.  Spend time connecting to those  you may be neglecting to follow this story.  Spend time with your children.  Make sure they are doing okay with the media surrounding this event as well as in general.  Take time to check on an elderly neighbor you might not have seen in a while.  Offer support in whatever way is needed to a sick friend.  Spend time talking with friend and coworkers about anything else.  Make family dinners a ritual you guard carefully.  Consciously reduce your online time and increase your real world time.  Commit to live a life of love, joy and peace and to spreading positive energy to the world.

Negative energy is very enticing.  It can  be just a few steps down a very slippery slope to the despair and desperation Robin Williams may have given in to.  This is a time to “guard your heart” and not let yourself be lead down a dark and dangerous path.

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14 thoughts on “Have we Crossed the Line?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I was a little afraid of an angry backlash when I posted this but I have wonderful followers and that didn’t happen. I am grateful for all the comments.


  1. Well said! May we take time with those near to our hearts, but may we also be attentive and aware of those me meet each and everyday we may not know, smile, say hello, start a simple conversation, help one in need, pray. Thank-you for the reminder and for sharing.


  2. I’m from the UK, and although we (obviously) know about the sad loss of Robin Williams, I don’t think we actually know about this media frenzy which you talk about, and I’m kind of wishing that I’d have seen some sort of coverage here on our world news about what it is that’s happening in the USA, so that I can understand properly.

    The most that has happened here is that some TV movies starring Robin are now being shown – but there is nothing even bordering on ‘frenzy’ here. A lot of people here loved him, and I would count myself amongst those people and freely admit that I’m so saddened that he felt the only way out of his personal hell was to end his life. I’m also quite sure that a handful of people shed a tear when they heard what had happened. But there’s been nothing like a frenzy here – and – I know this might sound a little odd, but … I would have liked to have been visiting or holidaying the US in order to experience it.


  3. I agree with some points, but I also think that his death has brought a lot of people together. It has created a common ground for people and brought families and friends together. It has showed people how precious life is and how much they should spend time together. They have spent time together watching his movies in remembrance of him. They have spent time talking about him. They have spent time checking in on friends and family to see how they are doing in response to his death because they want to make sure they are ok. I think the media hype has brought attention connecting people. Even if it over the internet too. Sometimes people don’t live near each other. I just moved to another state a year ago and I don’t live near my friends – but I have actually talked to them more via facebook and email and texting and skyping than before cause they know I have mental illness and they have checked on me.


  4. I have backed away from the “circus” that has developed. I want no part of this. I am saddened as well about Robin’s death but, the frenzy as you put it, is so wrong. xx Amy


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