“Callie’s Campfire” Update


Callie's got her condo back and all's right with the world. Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins
Callie’s got her condo back and all’s right with the world.
Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins

We seem to have found the source of Callie’s discomfort. Thank you to everyone for your input on this.  She was missing some of “her stuff.”  While everything that is hers moved with us it was not all out.  She had her essentials, including toys.   However I had not yet found places for her shelter bed and her hanging kitty condo.  I didn’t think it was that important because she hadn’t been using them in the other place.   Wrong!  Bad kitty mommy!

So now everything is out and in it’s place and cooking is going  smoothly with only an occasional attempt to curl up on the stove.  Now I have a plan instead of just reacting to the danger.  When she gets on or by the stove she is gently carried to her shelter bed.  If she goes back to the stove she goes to “time out”.  She get treats for sitting quietly and watching me cook from anywhere that is not on the stove or in my way.  I still have to work on timing on that one, she seems to think the treats are an invitation to come back to the stove.  But otherwise, so far so good.


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