Celebrating the Small Things: Looking at Relocation Information

Missouri Ozarks
Missouri Ozarks (Photo credit: Topato)

Bob and I have been looking at relocation packets received from Chambers of Commerce in towns we might want to move to sometime in the next year.  Pouring through lots of information hoping to make better use of our time when we go to visit in the fall.

A small part of planning for something really big.  We’ve been wanting to make this move for a long time.  This is all good.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating the Small Things: Looking at Relocation Information”

  1. Good luck if you have to move. Although it may not be a happy reason you’re moving, approach the new place with an open mind and heart, a new adventure awaits. 🙂 (The photo reminds me of my time living in Missouri, one of 20 moves in 20 years. The Ozarks are beautiful.)

    1. This is a good thing. We’ve always wanted to move when Bob retired. That just happened about 5 years before we planned so we’ve had to shift gears a bit. Something that was a long term goal suddenly became possible now. The only downside to moving for us is the packing, loading, unloading, etc. of the actual move. I don’t think anyone likes that 😉

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