Do Your Resolutions Have a Strategy?

We’ve all made well-intentioned promises to do better in the new year, but it’s usually not long before resolutions are left by the wayside.  Resolutions don’t work because in addition to determination or even desperation, real lasting change requires a strategy.

Set goals that are:
*  Specific
*  Measurable
*  Reasonable
*  Attainable

Breaking your goal down into smaller, readily achievable steps will make staying with it easier.  It will also help you see your progress.  You also need a way to measure you goal.  How will you know when you get there?  For encouragement find people who are supportive of your goals and stay with them.

There will be times you want to quit.  Keep your reason for wanting this change in front of you — literally.  Post it on your bathroom mirror, send yourself a daily e-mail, whatever it takes.  Create affirmations and repeat  often.

Whatever lifestyle changes you are making remember, you can do it.  One step at a time.

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